The TOP 5 most halal (epic) ways the Quran can help your D&D worldbuilding


Okay Groglards I'm back with another super hot fire list. I know all of you kafir need some good moral lessons that only the most glorious Koran can give. 

Is your super epic (lol) cool gonzo-historical-authentic-pulpy campaign not going to hot? Are you tired of science fantasy, judeo-western, self referential fantalol backdrops? Well then can I recommend the glories of Islam? As I will tell you, the Quran and the words of the prophet are not just an objectively perfect moral and theological system but can also improve YOUR D&D worldbuilding. 

1. Provides an exact and good monetary system to replace memecoins. (gold pieces lmao) As the Quran provides exact instructions on thr monetary value of the golf Dinar and proper halal tax practices, that YOU to use in your game.

2. Halal and Haram are better than law and chaos because they are real, are actually logically cosmologically opposed and are more impactful on gameplay. 

3. Made the framework for one of the best D&D classes (the houri)

4. Provides the coolest and most scientifically accurate model for the universe. Move over heliocentrism here is a big cow!

5. Provides in depth and explicit knowledge for the mindset and nature of demihumans. The great 72nd surah Al-Jinn for example gives you great help in playing your favorite (awful freakshit garbage) non human races. 

Okay guys did you like the list? Did you find it helpful? Want more spicy fresh rpg content? Like, comment and subscribe!


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